Pharmacokinetic studies play a vital role in the discovery and development of new chemical entity. Measurements of the drug levels following administration of drug provide information on the absolute bioavailability and the pharmacokinetic as well as safety profile of the drug. DermPathe offers pharmacokinetic studies in a wide range of models in our accredited facilities. Our facilities are capable handling all dosage forms and DEA-licensed to handle Schedule I V drugs. Our in-life portion of the study includes single- and multiple dosing as well sampling by our highly trained Veterinary and research staff.

The range of pharmacokinetic services we offer include

 Bioavailability and bioequivalence
 All dosage forms
 Scheduled I V drugs
 All routes of administration
Press release
Topical & Transdermal Delivery
Pre-formulation & Dosage Form Selection
In Vitro Penetration StudiesSelection
In Vivo Safety & EfficacySelection
Preclinical Model Development
Other Services
Consulting Services
Surgical Services
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