In vitro penetration studies are critical to the determination of the safety and efficacy of a topical or transdermal product during all stages of product development. Well-designed in vitro studies can significantly reduce the development costs and time and get the product quicker into the market. In vitro penetration studies can be a valuable tool to

 Select the appropriate dosage form
 Establish the required delivery kinetics of a formulation or dosage form Formulation screening and development tooptimize delivery kinetics
 Evaluate penetration enhancers/retarders and excipients
 Conduct equivalence studies to compare generic formulations/patches with innovator or competitor products
 Evaluate manufacturing process changes in drug penetration kinetics
 Demonstrate equivalence of in vitro release of the drug due to changes in manufacturing changes using SUPAC method.

DermPathe is skilled and experienced to design and perform all types of in vitro penetration studies to progress your product into your clinical programs seamlessly using a number of skin models including

 Human cadaver skin full thickness, dermatomed, epidermis and stratum corneum
 Porcine skin Yorkshire swine, Yukacatan
 Rat skin
 Hairless mouse skin
 Artificial membranes polymeric, silastic
 Other delivery routes such as the cornea and nail

DermPathe is also experienced in the conduct of specialized in vitro studies that require active methods of dermal delivery, such as, iontophoresis, ultrasound, microneedles, needle-less delivery systems etc.
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